December 27, 2020

We are a few days away from shouting “happy new year”. That is great right? As we all know, 2020 was not the best year (and yes I am talking in the past tense) and we can’t wait for it to be finally over.

The pandemic made a lot of people lose their jobs, lives, loved ones, and also money. Almost everyone around the world was affected. Some say no amount of preparation could prepare anyone for what we all faced. True, but that doesn’t mean we will not take some precautions. There are some habits I already had that helped me a lot during the pandemic. These habits and goals are what I will be sharing with you guys. Fifteen of my yearly goals and habits that always improve me.

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Before we start with all the New Year resolutions, the do’s and don’ts of the New Year, let’s check out some popular memes;

A lot of memes have been flying around. People are saying “what if 2020 was the trailer and 2021 is the movie” well if that is to happen (which won’t hopefully) we will be ready and face it head-on!

Fifteen goals and habits for self-improvement in 2021

1. Saving;

I belong to the percentage of people who believe money can solve a lot of problems. And the only way to have abundant of it even when the paycheck isn’t coming is to save. The pandemic taught us all the importance of saving. I don’t need to tell you to buy a piggy bank and save a penny. I was able to go through the pandemic with ease because I had savings. We need to save for rainy days. Read this post on tips and tricks to save money easily and fast.

2. Have a mantra for the New Year;

I don’t know about you but mantras always help me overcome fears and self-doubts. It boosts my confidence sixty per cent of the time. Here are some ideas;

  1. There is no limit to what I can achieve.
  2. I am the best version of myself
  3. My mistakes and failures make me stronger, braver, and wiser

If it helps you, you can also add your full name and chant it in your head. Trust me it will boost your confidence.

3. Stay away from bad energy; 

If you really want to be your best self, stay away from people with negative vibes. When you move with people who are always negative about things your decision-making process begins to waver. Negative people are the absolute worst. Do not share your dreams or ideas with them, they will kill it before it even starts to grow.

4. Shop once in a while; 

We all know that the shopping mall is the remedy for most girls’ emotional distress. Take a few hours off your day and go shopping. Remember to buy only the things you need. Lift up your spirit always.

5. Celebrate small achievements; 

Whether you finally cleaned up your closet or finished a good book, celebrate it. Achievement doesn’t have to be about starting a business or making your first six figures. 

6. Have a hobby;

Most extroverts had a lot of problems during the pandemic because they loved to go out.  If you have a hobby that can keep you inside for hours then you should pick it up.

Introverts didn’t have that much of a problem because they stay inside a lot. Choose a DIY craft to learn each month until you find what catches your interest. Hobbies help takes your mind off your problems for a while.

7. Try an art or cooking class;

I am definitely far from artistic but one thing I enjoy doing is cooking new meals. There are a lot of YouTube channels for that. I am not talking about a professional chef in a standard kitchen. Just regular people cooking with regular stuff you have at home.

8. Have a short or long term projects;

This doesn’t have to be work-related. You can pick up challenges like getting 10,000 followers in 30 days on Instagram, or even academic wise. This will give you something to be thankful for after it is completed.

9. Take online courses;

Online classes are like the new norm. There are a lot of free courses you can take online and improve yourself. Like leadership courses, self-motivation courses, public speaking courses. They will be taught by professionals. I did this during the ease of the lockdown and I actually enjoyed it.

Remember learning is a continuous process.

10. Do workout challenges;

This is a little something to start your day with. Join fitness Facebook groups and connect with people. Workout from home.  There are lots of fitness challenges on YouTube. Pick one and start. You can do it every morning before heading out. The workouts are like fifteen minutes short and helpful.

11. Go for a scheduled medical checkup;

I am no medical personnel, but we all know we need to visit the man on a white coat once in a while. You can just go for checkups. Having good mental health gives you peace of mind. You need to cultivate this habit.

12. Plan your self-care routine;

Take care of yourself. Don’t pump junk foods into your body and think you will live a long and healthy life. Eat your vegetables. Take care of your skin and glow up!

13. Be your own cheerleader;

Always support yourself, when you set your mind to do something, cheer yourself on to finish it.

14. Avoid toxic relationship;

If you are in a relationship and it is not working well or you two are from two different worlds, then do you first. Put your happiness and mental health first. Say no to toxic relationships.

15. Have a strong relationship with God;

You can’t get through a year without committing it into God’s hands. Ask him to guide, protect, and lead you through the right path.

I hope you got some goals and habits you can use to improve yourself in 2021. We don’t usually see changes immediately but continue this daily and you will be able to overcome some hurdles 2021 will bring your way.

Happy New Year.

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  1. I'd love to say I might actually b achieving all of these, thanks helped my mood, thank u!! Just got one I'm working on atm. Thanks for this list! Blessings

  2. I am glad I was able to. Good luck on your current project. Lot of love.


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