December 13, 2020

Saving money can be difficult for most people and the thought of it alone brings on a headache. Up to 70% of Americans’ have less than $1000 in savings. That is why any unforeseen circumstance leaves them in a lot of debt.
Saving is a character everyone is expected to learn. Although, there are people who say money is meant for spending. Some might ask why I should save when I know money is coming in at the end of the month;

  1. We save for unforeseen problems.
  2. Saving helps people make rational decisions when it involves money.
  3. Saving teaches people the value of money.

What makes these saving tips good?

  1. They are easy and fast.
  2. You haven’t heard of most of them before.
  3. You can start immediately.
  4. You don’t have to change your current lifestyle.
  5. It can be done by anyone.
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Now that we know what good, let us get started. I will be sharing our top fifteen saving tips here at the final guide.

  • Savings account; If you want to save, you need an account to save the money into. I believe having another account outside your regular spending account will help you keep proper track of your spending and savings. Opening a savings account can sound like a lot of work but it isn’t. At the end of each month or the beginning of each month, you can decide how much you want to be deposited into the account. With this savings account, you will get a high-interest rate.

  • Create a Monthly budget; this might sound boring to non-financial people, but creating a budget helps you monitor your everyday spending. How much you spend on transport, mortgage, and bills. This might not look like a saving tip at first glance but when you can budget how much you spend in a month you will be able to save. The good news is you can monitor your spending with apps like Mint.

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  • Limit spending; Limit spending in our own words is having a particular amount of money and putting a zero limit not to pass. If I have $10,500 in my account, I will set a limit that whatever happens, I won’t pass the $10,000. It might sound funny at first but it will discipline you in spending your own money as also help you in saving money easy and fast.

  • Beware of coupons; this might look quite disturbing but most people believe when people say 50% off. It is 50% off. Coupons and flash sales make people buy what they don’t need. It is like you see a flash sale for a rechargeable fan and you buy it out of impulse because it had a few dollars off and mind you it is winter when you got that fan. You do not need it but you will get it because it is cheap. I have also come to believe that not all sales are sales. You might see 70% per cent off for a particular commodity for all we know they might not have even changed the price at all.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

  • Avoid Luxury goods; it is no news that luxury goods are just overprized commodities due to their well-known brands. If you want to save money easily and fast you need to avoid buying luxury goods. Luxury goods take a lot of money and most times it will make you spend more because you have to keep up with the trends. Do not spend a lot of money on things that won’t give you money. Luxury goods are not an asset. They are liabilities!

  • Home-cooked meals; Food is a necessity in our everyday life. You must eat good food, not expensive food.  I have come to understand that most expensive food never fulfils their main purpose, which is to satisfy your hunger. Most times I notice I end up spending a lot of money and leave there as hungry as I was when I got there. Cut down the amount of money you spend eating in restaurants and eateries. Eat healthy, not expensive. I want you to take a minute of your day and calculate how much you spend on food and how much you earn. I am sure the numbers will shock you.

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  • Every penny counts; if you are looking to save easy and fast, you need to keep every penny. It might look like little at first but if I keep every $20 I give as a tip, in a month I will have an extra $600 and in a year an extra $7200. Give tips, but not all the time.  

  • 14 days period; this is one of my favourite methods of saving money. This method is best implemented when you want to purchase an expensive commodity. You wait for about fourteen days before you make that purchase. Why?

  1. It saves you from unnecessary spending.
  2. It curbs your impulse buying.

  • Double the price; this is one of the methods I also love doing. This means in our own words, saving double the amount of something I want to get. For instance, if I want a particular gadget, I will save double the amount so one goes to the savings account and the other is spent on the gadget. This is done so I do not feel the amount of money taking out of the account. This method is easy and will help you save money fast.

  • Sell your old clothes; you can save fast and easy by selling your old clothes for up to $50. If you have your old clothes still in good condition, you can sell them for cash and make money off them. This might sound like a lot of work but it isn’t. There are websites made specifically for this. All you have to do is;

  1. Take a clear photo of your old to clothe in good condition
  2. Give a proper description of the outfit.
  3. Wait for sales.

You can save the money made from selling your old clothes into your savings account.

  • Intermittent Fasting; this is fasting for some time. The most common one is 16:8. It means you fast for 16 hours and you have an 8 hours eating period. What is good about intermittent fasting?

  1. You skip a meal, which makes you save money on the skipped meal.
  2. You experience weight loss.

  • Reduce the amount spent on bills; if you want to save money easily and fast, you need to reduce the amount you spend monthly on paying bills. This includes mortgage, transport, electricity, and water.  If you are lost on where most of your income goes to, check your monthly bills. Walking once in a while will save you some cash on transport bills. For electricity bills avoid using hair electronically appliances all the time. In general, appliances that produce heat use a lot of power, thus increase in your electricity bill. It is advisable to use LED lights as they need little power supply. 

  • Create a list before shopping; this is a personal one. Before every shopping spree, I create a list of things I need to buy. You might be wondering; how does that save me money? creating a list helps you stick to your budget. I feel it curbs impulse buying to a limit because everything on your list would in order of importance leaving no room for wants. Make sure you create a list before going shopping.

  • Start a side hustle; if you want to save money fast and you find it difficult to take out a little amount each month then you should find an extra way of making money. A side hustle is not a full-time job. It is just a means of making extra cash. most side hustles need little to no startup capital so you need not worry about extra money. Try starting a side hustle today and see how much you can save within a month!

Share your ways of saving money in the comment section.

Happy Saving!

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