December 06, 2020

It is that time of the year again when we exchange gifts, wishes, and spend a lot of money! Most people are very distressed whenever the end of the year comes around, for the Christmas celebration is an expensive affair and would leave most people cash-strapped by the time it is over.

Take a deep breath and read on what you should do:

1. Make a Christmas budget;
 Before you start spending your money on Christmas, you will need to make a budget. Write a detailed list of everything you need to buy, including an estimated price, get a total, check your bank balance, and see if you will survive after the celebration is over. You can use budgeting apps like Mint to track your Christmas spending and expense.

2. End of the year sales: 
These are sales carried out at the end of the year. They are sometimes called black Friday or cyber Monday. It will be wise to be on the lookout for things you need for the holidays so you can get some dollars off. Most times these sales offer up to 60% off. You need to take advantage of this.

3.Shop early: 
Shopping for Christmas early can be a bit helpful because the prices will still be fair unlike shopping a week before Christmas. By then the demand for such goods would have increased leading to an increase in the price. Shop for Christmas early!


4. Celebrate with people; 
Bulk purchases of foodstuffs will be advisable. Things cost less when you buy more. If you decide to buy in bulk you will be able to eat with friends and family and at the same time-saving money. Eating indoor will also save money spent on fancy Christmas dinners and restaurants. Christmas is all about sharing. 

5. Create digital greeting cards; 
Instead of giving physical greeting cards to your friends and family, you can commission a digital artist on Fiverr to create just a design that you will be able to personalize to each receiver. Or better still you can create the cards yourself using canva to design them if you have an eye for digital designs.

6. Give thoughtful gifts; 
Most people think giving an expensive gift can make up for their ignorance, well it does not. If you are giving out a gift, give the recipient what they need and not something you find expensive and classy. Doing this right will save you some money on expensive gifts.

7. Spend Cash; 
Before the holiday starts in full force withdraw cash. You might ask why there is an amount of money anyone is willing to hold in cash. It might be a small amount; if you are short on cash and your card is not available it will prevent you from spending more than you need to.

Happy Holidays!

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