December 07, 2020

As a teenager having your own money is one of the best feelings in the world, why?
Let's find out;

  1. First, you don't have to wait for anyone before getting anything you want.
  2. You don't have to babysit thousands of babies before you can get the latest I-phone.
  3. The most important and most embarrassing one is exchanging chores for money. Every teenager's dream is to live in a chore-less world. (That is if it exists).

The good news is you can have all the things you want at your own time by following any of the six easy ways to make money online and yes it is legit!

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Before we look at the ways to make money online for free as a teenager there are somethings we need to make them happen;

  • Laptop; if you want to make money online you need to have your own personal computer. It makes everything easy. Using your smartphone can be a bit troublesome, I highly recommend getting a laptop.
  • Internet connection; it is no news that if you want to make money online you need a stable internet connection. Make sure you need provision for a fast internet connection as slow ones get really annoying.
  • Means of receiving payments; This is having an account number or a Paypal account. most of these methods will require you submit one. Make sure you have an active account number(dollar account) and a PayPal account.
If you have all the three things stated above you should proceed with this article. Now that we know what we need to make money online as a teenager let's get started on the ways to actually make this money;

1. Start a blog;

As lame as it sounds, blogging is a very good way of making money online. It doesn't take much of your time if you know what you are doing. Starting a blog is like a longtime investment that is very fruitful and worth the hassle at the very beginning. Sara from gathering dreams shared her success story of how she made $3,878 three months after blogging. The fun part of blogging is that you can blog about absolutely anything. Including pets! 

You ask yourself, I am just going to be writing, how will the money come about? Easy!

Affiliate marketing! Affiliate marketing is referring a product through your special link while you get a cut after a purchase is made or signup is made.

Imagine blogging about skincare and then putting special links on your blog encouraging your readers to buy a recommended skincare product, for every purchase made through your link, you get a percentage of the product price. Brilliant right!. You can get this affiliate programs from, Clickbank, share a sale, commission junction, max bounty….

You can also make money blogging by selling ads spaces. This is done through Google Adsense. Adsense is a trustworthy network that makes selling advertising space easy, it preferable better than selling advertising spaces yourself.

2.Social Media; 

This may seem news to you but a lot of people make money through social media. They are called social media influencers or personalities. We all login on Instagram liking pictures, reposting and all that. We are helping them make money. 

You can make money from social media through social sponsored posts. But before you can get noticed you need to be different. How?
Your page needs to look different. I don't know who needs to hear this, but most influencers pages look like spam!!! Be original, be creative and be different in a good way.

You need to grow your following, engagement rate and also your credibility. You need your followers to trust you that you will only bring products worth their money and time before them.

Be consistent if you want to be noticed by YouTube, Instagram or any social media platform.

Under social media, YouTube is a very common platform. The great thing about YouTube is it is free to sign up and easy to do. You vlog about anything whether your life, games or even gadgets. You can also share affiliate links on your YouTube videos description and make extra cash.


This is one of the easiest ways to make money online as a teenager. Are you good with coding, creating apps or writing jaw-dropping articles, then this is for you. Freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork are online platforms where services are bought and sold. Only this time the commodities are your services like building apps, designing logos, creating infographics, writing a blog post and anything you can think off. Freelancing sites are generally where people come to find solutions to their problems.  

The great thing about Freelancing sites are;

  1. They are free to join.
  2. You get paid for a good job done
  3. You are allowed to set your price rating
  4. There is a job for everyone.

4.Print on demand; 

Have you ever heard of it? Maybe not. Don't worry about it. This very easy and stress-free. Did you ever travel to Europe and took nice pictures of ancient buildings or are you a graphic artist, then this is for you.

Print on demand is uploading images on merchandise which are then printed, packaged and sold to the public.

You can use free editing tools like canva or pic monkey to resize your images to a perfect size and then upload your photo on print on demand sites like Redbubble or Teespring.

What makes print on demand easy;

  1. You have only one job, upload images and the sites will do the rest.
  2. Years later you will still make money from your designs.
  3. It is free to sign up
  4. You can join more than one site.
  5. You are allowed to set your prices
  6. You don't need to be eighteen to join.
  7. You don't need a PayPal account to receive payments.

NOTE; Read the terms and conditions properly before signing up. If you decide to use a free image on the net, read the terms of use properly so your account doesn't get closed for copyright issue.

5.Creating an online store; 

Selling online is one of the most popular ways to make money. If you have read the blog post from the beginning you will notice most of the way to earn money blogging included selling online with having no stock or goods to sell. The world is changing so much that you can have an active online store with having no goods at all. This is made possible through affiliate programs like amazon and Esty. 

All you have to do is to create an E-commerce website with WordPress, pay for hosting from Bluehost and then open an e-commerce widget account with Ecwid. An example of an online store like this is wirecutter. 

Wirecutter is an online store that makes its money through amazon affiliate marketing program.

 6.Selling your Photos

If you are a photographer who takes nice photos and would like to make money off it, read this properly! You can sell your photos for cash to different sites like Istock and shutter stock and get a good price from them anytime someone pays for your photos. Before you venture into this you need to read about it properly as a lot of legal terms come with it. What do you have to do to sell your photos;

  1. Create high-quality photos.
  2. Upload your content easily.
  3. Make money every time your content is downloaded.


  1. You can work from absolutely anywhere.
  2. There are different methods of receiving payment, choose the one that is good for you.
  3. They do not take much time and are stress-free.
  4. It can be carried out by anyone around the world. Whether you live in Europe or even Africa.

I will advise you read this post again, before deciding which method of making money online as a teenager is for you.

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  1. I'm going to try this when I have a laptop. Lol

  2. Great ideas - not just for my kids but for myself as well! Thanks for the ideas!


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