January 31, 2021

Affirmations are statements people say to boost self-confidence, self-love, and self-esteem. People are a little bit sceptical when it comes to positive affirmations. I remember writing on one of my previous blog post on 15 goals and habits for self-improvement, I made mention of how positive affirmations and mantras boost my self-confidence up to sixty per cent of the time. 

I believe having a little faith in oneself can go a long way. Most times we allow statements to bring down our self-confidence, don't worry you are not alone.

That is why I gathered 100 positive affirmations for women to boost self-confidence.

Before reading further, please pin this image below to your "positive affirmation" board;


1. I am thankful for life.
2. I am worthy of love.
3. I can do it.
4. I will start my day with an open mind.
5. I am grateful for me.
6. My past experience does not determine me.
7. I trust in the process.
8. I refuse to live in the past.
9. Tomorrow is gone, I am stronger now.
10. I find joy in myself.
11. I am enough.
12. I am the best version of myself.
13. I do my best every day.
14. I am unique.
15. I am fearless.
16. I am willing to change for the best.
17. Failure does not define me.
18. I am a leader.
19. I am beautiful.
20. I respect myself.
21. I will express my gratitude.
22. I am all I need to succeed.
23. I am proud of myself.
24. I am responsible enough to make big decisions.
25. I am light in the midst of darkness.
25. I am a queen, I do not bow to failure. 
26. I am a leader.
27. I am open to new experiences and adventures.
28. I embrace myself, wholeheartedly.
29. I have control over my emotions.
30. I control my attitude.
31. I believe in my dreams.
32. I am accountable for my actions.
33. I prioritize my self-care.
34. My best is enough.
35. I am successful.
36. I am a strong woman.
37. My gender does not define my position in power.
38. I am born to rule.
39. I am worth it.
40. I am golden.
41. I am healing daily.
42. Anxiety does not define me.
43. I am free from every form of bondage.
44. I am creative.
45. I am safe.
46. I am glorious.
47. I deserve happiness.
48. I am human.
49. I am special.
50. It is human to make mistakes.
51. I am optimistic.
52. I impact lives.
53. I am a good influence on others.
54. I am growing.
55. New week, New energy.
56. I am beautiful inside and out.
57. I am manifesting my dreams.
58. I am manifesting my life goals.
59. I don't need validation from anyone.
60. I am entitled to my opinions.
61. I trust in myself.
62. I attract opportunity.
63. I am resilient.
64. I deserve self-care
65.  I choose to let go of my anger.
66. I am determined.
67. My anger does not control me.
68. I am making the right money moves.
69. I am in control.
70. I have the ability to determine my future.
71. I made the right move investing in myself.
72. I am proud of who I am.
73. I attract positivity.
74. I choose happiness.
75. I am open to new challenges.
76. I am open to correction.
77. I have a purpose.
78. I spread light.
79. I spread love.
80. I am talented.
81. I am filled with grace.
82. I am becoming more confident every day.
83. I am deserving of a great relationship.
84. I am creating the life of my dream.
85. I am in charge.
86. I am growing.
87. My setbacks make me a better person.
88. I am taking a bold step today.
89. I am grateful for all that I have.
90. I love being me.
91. I am worthy of giving love.
92. I am capable of increasing my income.
93. My efforts are not in vain.
94. I influence positively.
95. I no longer fear the unknown.
96. I am prepared.
97. I choose to start my day with happiness.
98. No problem is bigger than me.
99. I will bloom in the midst of hardship.
100. I get what I want because I deserve it.

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  1. What an inspiring post. Would love to share this with my sister. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love these affirmations. I need them once in a while. Definitely worth sharing.

  3. Wonderful post! Everyone needs this once in a while.


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