January 19, 2021

Valentine’s Day celebration is just a few weeks away. Not everyone has the funds to do a grand gesture or plan an exorbitant date as seen in the movies. But you can still plan a thoughtful date. Most times thoughtful gifts go a long way in a person’s heart compared to an expensive gift.

You don’t need to book a whole restaurant to express your love to your loved ones. That is why I have come up with 50 cheap Valentine’s Day free date ideas.

These free date ideas are suitable for everyone, whether you are a married couple, teens, or new couples. These ideas will show how thoughtful and caring you are to your partner.

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1. Walk on the beach.

2. Picnic in the park.

3. Cook dinner together.

4. Movie night at home.

5. Eat breakfast together in bed watching the sunrise.

6. Go on a road trip somewhere, you both love.

7. Bake cookies and cake together.

8. Attend a free festival.

9. Go swimming on the beach or lake.

10. Look through your family photo book or a photo book of you both.

11. Borrow a boat and head out to the water.

12. Karaoke at the bar.

13. Take a yoga class together.

14. Attend a free concert.

15. Visit the museum or any free historical site together.

16. Attend trivia night at a local venue.

17. Create a bucket list.

18. Go fishing together.

19. Visit a sunflower farm together.

20.  Visit a cheap or free animal reserve.

21. Watch your favourite childhood movie.

22. Have a candlelight dinner at home.

23. Go out dancing.

24. Play mini-golf.

25. Do a fun run.

26. Walk your pets together.

27. Watch fireworks at a local event.

28. Take a walk to the park holding hands.

29. Take a factory or behind the scene tour.

30. Listen to a relationship podcast.

31. Do bird watching in the park.

32. Play truth or dare.

33. Complete a DIY project together.

34. Watch the sunset together.

35. Watch the stars together.

36. Spend time planning a holiday trip.

37. Get an ice-cream and spend quality time together.

38. Go to a drive-in cinema.

39.  Go to an animal cafe.

40. Go second-hand shopping.

41. Spend your night at an arcade.

42. Have a movie marathon cuddled together.

43. Go to a local shopping mall.

44. Visit the aquarium together.

45. Ride your bikes down the hill.

46. Go for a hike.

47. Watch a sports match together.

48. Have a board game or puzzle.

49. Have a water pistol fight.

50. Have a backyard BBQ.

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  1. Great ideas for a budget Valentine's Day!

  2. I always see couples spending so much money on Valentine's Day dates- this is a great list to avoid spending the extra dollars and still have a great date! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this! I'm always up for baking and movie nights! Siobhan ♡ | Vegan Babe Life


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