January 17, 2021

If you are here, then I believe you are wondering how to make money on Pinterest. I am sure you have heard a lot of bloggers and social media experts talk about how you can make money on Pinterest. Believe me, it is possible.

People are naturally sceptical when it comes to articles saying easy ways to make money online. We believe it is either a scam or too good to be true and then ignore them completely. Don’t!

I will be showing you easy ways you can make money on Pinterest both with a blog and without one.

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Before we can decide how we want to monetize our Pinterest profile. We need to set it up appropriately.

1. The first step is to create a business account: If you are planning on monetizing your Pinterest profile, you will need to create a business profile, or if you had a personal account you can convert it to a business account.


The business profile gives you a lot of features that will be necessary for your money-making processes like analytics and rich pins. 

2. The second step is to select a profitable niche; to overcome this hurdle you need to see Pinterest for more than it is. In case you don’t know Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media account. So to make money off it, you need to be identified for a niche.

To discover which niche is most popular on Pinterest you will need to search. But if you like something a lot more direct. Check this blog post on the ten top popular categories on Pinterest.

3. The third step is to then optimize your business profile for Pinterest SEO optimization. This simply means adding keywords to your profile name and bio as much as possible but not in a clustered way.

4. The fourth step is to create boards; You must understand that you should only post relevant pins to boards. Meaning, you used only post pins about home decor to home decor boards. Your boards should also be Pinterest SEO optimized. Use relevant keywords in both board titles and descriptions. 

5. The fifth step is to join only relevant group boards. These are also known as community boards. You can find group boards by using pin groupie. Another way is to use the Pinterest search engine tool to search for group boards. You will have to adjust the setting by the right from pins to boards.

A personal way I search for group boards that I haven't seen other bloggers write about is to search the group boards of popular pinners belonging in your niche.

This is quite tiring but very effective. After getting a list of relevant group boards you apply according to the instructions.

Trust me requesting to join group boards isn't a fun thing. But you need it.


The big wait is over! Finally. Now let us get started on the top six ways you can monetize your Pinterest profile with or without a blog.

1. Make money on Pinterest using affiliate links; 

Pinterest is known for driving continuous traffic to blogs and websites. Perfect! when people click on one of your affiliate links and maybe make a sign-up or a purchase you are paid an agreed commission.

This is one of the pecs of having a blog or website, you can advertise more than one affiliate link in a blog post. whereas if you don't have one you are giving only one URL space.

Examples of popular affiliate programs include; ShareASale, commission junction, impact radius. Another great site is the amazon affiliate program. The key to successful affiliate marketing is beautiful pins, compelling headlines, and descriptions rich in keywords.

2. Make money by promoting your services on Pinterest; 

This is a great one. You can use your Pinterest profile to advertise yourself. Whether you offer certain services you can make that known through Pinterest. Even if you don't own a blog you can optimize your pin in a way people will sign up for your email list. 

The most common way is to offer a free product for their email addresses. As we all know, email marketing is the best form of marketing.

Aside from building your email list with Pinterest, you can also use it to get new clients. 

3. Make money on Pinterest by selling products;

A regular pinner comes to Pinterest to look at pretty nail inspo, bedroom ideas, and dream of their future wedding. 

Whether you own an Etsy shop, your online website, or even a Shopify store then you can make money from Pinterest. You can share lifestyle images of your products linking them to the product pages. Remember vertical pins perform better on Pinterest compared to other sizes.

If you want to have continuous traffic from your Pinterest profile to your store, you need to have some form of branding. It can be a particular colour, logo, or even a font. This way your images will be recognized by your customers immediately.

4. .Make money on Pinterest selling advertisement spaces;

One of the best ways to earn consistent income from your blog or website is by selling ad space. Although the income may not be much it is worth awhile. Programs like Google Adsense allows you to earn a little income from your blog traffic by displaying ads.

How does Pinterest come in?

I believe we have established that Pinterest is a perfect platform in gaining traffic to your blog or website for free.

5. Make money on Pinterest by becoming a Pinterest consultant;

The same way we have a lot of Instagram experts, it is the same with Pinterest. If you are very good with Pinterest and understand all the algorithms and hidden secrets. You can sell your knowledge for money.

Trust me a lot of people are thinking of how to grow their Pinterest profile. You can have a zoom consultation charging per hour or even sell an ebook or better yet have a private masterclass.

If you have some Pinterest trick up your sleeve, sell them for money.

6. Make money as a Pinterest influencer;

Have you ever heard of them? Uhm no

Same well, I have now. anyway, Pinterest influences are people who have huge followings and monthly viewers. They usually get gigs from big brands and stores to advertise for them on Pinterest. 

You can work with big brands to partner on group boards. You will have to make sure the group boards have a huge following, get a lot of engagement, and get website traffic from your board.

You can also take pictures with the products if it involves a clothing brand. Just like Instagram but the only difference here is that you will have the opportunity to link the product page to your photos and they will be able to track the number of sales they are making from you.

Some brands are willing to pay per pin, which is incredible but will also request for your average amount of saves and link clicks. Be prepared to share that also.


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