April 15, 2021

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What do you do at the beginning of each month? I like to believe a new month is more like a new start. Everyone loves a new beginning. A new month means all the important tasks set for last month that was not completed can be revisited.

At the beginning of each month, I like setting tasks and goals that I want to achieve. I also like marking important dates on my desk calendar. This little effort has helped me tremendously in increasing my productivity. 

This is why I would be sharing 5 productive things to do at the beginning of each month.

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1. Set goals;

The first thing anyone should do at the beginning of a month, year, or week is to set goals. Having goals helps us stay on track and also help increase our productivity. Although there are lots of areas in our life we can set goals, I will only mention a few;

  • Health; This is something I started taking seriously. I like setting health goals. Whether to visit the doctors' office, lose weight, eat only vegetables, or anything health-related. These goals have helped me make healthy decisions and choices.
  • Finances; If there is one thing I like, it is saving. Saving has always been something I found easy to do and compulsory. At the beginning of each month, I create the perfect saving plan that works for me. I also like to revisit my bank transactions. My saving goals have helped me save a lot of money over time. Read this post on saving tips and tricks to save money easy and fast.
  • Education; As a student, this is very important. At the beginning of each month, I set goals on courses I would like to cover completely.  I also make a reading timetable that works for me. With this, I can increase productivity and start my month with success.
  • Personal; I find personal goals to be extremely important. I make sure I add compulsory pamper days at least once a month. I usually pick a date when I can have alone time and do things that make me happy. I also try to monitor my bad habits and see if my habits are getting better. With all this, I can see an increase in my growth as a person.

Other areas to set goals are;

  1. Career
  2. Relationship
  3. Business


2. Reflect and Accountability;

At the beginning of each month, I like to reflect on my past actions and decisions. I like asking myself questions like;

  1. Did I achieve my goals?
  2. What wins can I celebrate?
  3. Am I getting better?

Questions like this help me grow as a person and also help me reflect on my past actions. They remind me that at the beginning of every month I will be held accountable for every decision and choices made.

3. Declutter;

I am all about minimalism, although I sometimes get attached to pretty objects that have no use to me. My attention span to pretty objects usually fades after a while. That is why at the beginning of every month I like to organize my space. Trust me there is always something to dispose of.

I also like finding time to see what new look I can give my space. This is something I enjoy doing, although most of the time I return everything to its original positions. If you are feeling like you don't have anything to declutter here is a list to help you get started;

  • Shoes; Check your rack and remove shoes you no longer need.
  • Clothes; select clothes you no longer wear and sell them to make extra money
  • Expired Products; Go through your foodstuffs and fish out all the expired products.
  • Shelves; Dust down your bookshelves and rearrange them in a new style. You can always check Pinterest on ways to organize a shelf.
  • Fridge; Organize your fridge and create space for new foodstuffs.

4. Set a monthly challenge;                                                                         
This is extremely similar to goal setting but has a time frame and a little more popular. The challenge is the popular activities you participate in. I am always looking for fun challenges to join.

An example;

  • Get abs in 2- weeks; this is very popular on YouTube. The community around these workouts is very encouraging and the results will make you want to complete the challenge.
  • Get 10,000 followers in 30 days; this challenge is very popular on Instagram. If you are someone who is looking to grow their followings on Instagram then you should consider adding this to your to-do list.
  • 30 Days Gratitude challenge; this challenge is a very popular one. I think everyone should do this at the beginning of each month. It teaches us to appreciate and value things more. You can find free templates on Pinterest.
  • Self-care challenge; This is one of the nicest challenges out there. The challenge is usually easy to do, with no pain but a lot of gains. You can also search Pinterest for free templates.


5. Set a Monthly Budget;

The last one on my list is to set a monthly budget. To feel financially free, stable, and safe you need to have budgets. Setting budgets is not as complicated as people make it seem. It is pretty easy.

If you live alone, all you have to do is to get an estimate of your monthly income (side hustles included), your estimated living expenses and deduct them from your income. You must remember to put aside an amount monthly as savings. But make sure the total is less than your monthly income leaving enough for an emergency.


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  1. Very detailed post. I love this. Setting budgets and goals are very important.

  2. This is something everyone should get into. Setting goals and planning your month is very important. I love the post. Straight to the point and precise. Thank you


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