March 20, 2021

Summer is fast approaching which also means, it is a vacation period. If you follow this blog then you will know I am all about making money and taking care of myself at the same time. The hot summer days will be filled with a lot of longs days and free time. This is the perfect time to make actual money doing one or two things at the same enjoying your summer holiday.

If you are interested in making money this summer then you should continue reading further. I will share ten realistic ways you can make money this summer at the same time enjoying yourself and spending little to no money to start.

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Ten ways to make money this summer

1. Monetize your Instagram profile;

What better way can you make money while enjoying yourself at the same time. Instagram will always be one of my favourite ways for people to make money. Although this method is common among extroverts it doesn’t matter. All you need is a little courage and you will be fine.

You don’t need thousands of followers to monetize your Instagram page. Since summer is more of a holiday period people will be on their phones sixty per cent of the time, so it will be easy to grow your page during this period. 

While we are at it follow us @thefinalguide on Instagram. We are extremely active and engage with our followers.


  • Post more reels to grow your Instagram following fast. Reels is a new feature on Instagram and they are pushing more reels content than regular content.

Ways you can monetize your Instagram page

1. Work with brands to get paid to post their products.

2. Do paid shout-outs on your Instagram story.

2. Monetize your Tiktok profile;

I kid you not when I say I was in shock when I read an article on a TikToker who made $60,000 in six weeks after joining TikTok. This is the "link" to the article in case you decide to see it for yourself. I think several people agree with me when I say “I thought TikTok was just a platform for fun and hard to do dance challenges”.

Well, life has a funny way of surprising us. You can make money on TikTok by working with brands. The most popular ones I have seen are try-on hauls and other product recommendations. Making money on TikTok is a really fun way you can make thousands, from just dancing and learning all their cool moves. You can also get creative with the app and let it work for you. You can create cute videos without having to show your face at all. It honestly sounds fun.

Although this method is more of an extrovert kind of thing you can give it a try or continue reading to find something more introverted.

Pro tips; 

  • Growing a TikTok account is faster than growing an Instagram account because you can only post engaging videos. 

Tori was able to grow her TikTok followers from 0 to 350,000 in just six weeks after joining the platform newly. It is honestly a great and friendly place for new creators.

  • You can share your TikTok videos as reels on Instagram that is killing two birds with one stone.


3. Start a YouTube channel;

If you have been seeing a lot of posts telling you to start a YouTube channel then this is a sign. YouTube is a great place to make money, both through run ads and sponsored videos.

Starting a YouTube channel is free and does not require any skill. You only need your camera, microphone, and video editing applications.

An average person follows a YouTube channel for the following reasons;

1. Engaging content; my favourite type of engaging content on YouTube are vlogs. Humans are naturally drawn and loyal to a person when they show parts of their life. This will make them subscribe to your channel. If you are lucky you might get a fan account on Instagram. You just have to make your viewers fall in love with your charm.

2. Value shared; Channels who share values with their viewers always get a huge subscriber rate. I most times come to YouTube to search for a “How to” question. When I am given an outstanding answer I immediately subscribe so it will be able for me to get more answers to my unforeseen questions on that topic. If you have high values to share like tutorials then you should consider YouTube.

3. Quality of the video; a channel with poor audio, bad video quality, and terrible edits won’t do well on YouTube. You need to have a particular song for your intro and a unique thumbnail to you so when a user sees just the thumbnail, you will be recognized immediately.

4. Consistency; Anything that needs to grow needs constant attention. The same thing applies to your YouTube channel. You can’t post once a month and forget about it.

5. Total engagement; your overall channel engagement will decide whether YouTube will monetize your channel. 

Pro Tips;

  • Learn from other big YouTubers on how to start and grow a YouTube channel.
  • Connect your YouTube account to your other social media accounts.
  • Both introverts and extroverts can start a YouTube channel. You can use a voice-over when creating your videos or tutorials so you don’t need to show your face.

4. Start a blog;

Welcome to my favourite method. Make that money blogging. If you are looking for a more introverted means of making money this summer then blogging is for you. Summer is the perfect time to start a blog because you have all the time to do everything a beginner needs to do from learning Pinterest marketing to SEO.

You can get your very first hosting through my discount link for just $3.95 instead of $8.99

You can make money blogging through running paid ads, affiliate marketing, or selling your products.


  • if you are interested in making money blogging then you should read my blog post on how to start a blog.


5. Start a Shopify Store;

Shopify is an amazing e-commerce platform that allows business owners to sell their products.  With a Shopify store, you can sell any product of interest, from digital downloads to physical products that need little to no money for a startup.

Shopify has a great way for payment gateway accepting payment from the most electronic platforms and it will also give you a beautiful storefront.

With Shopify, you have the liberty of having an amazing store without having to pay a coder for just $29 every month. You can get 14 days free trial if you signup through this link.

List of trendy products you can sell on your Shopify store;

1. Printable

2. Planner

3. Doormat

4. Scented candles

5. Jewelries

6. Photos

Pro tips

  • You can get a custom URL for your Shopify store by purchasing it for just $6.98/yr through our discounted link.
  • Learn everything you need to know about starting a successful Shopify store through this post.


6. Become a Pinterest Virtual assistant;

Pinterest virtual assistants are people who have great knowledge in Pinterest marketing and will be willing to run the Pinterest account for a business in exchange for payment. Sometimes they have a one-on-one zoom call with the business owner to see what Pinterest marketing strategy they should consider doing.

Pinterest VA is the next big thing and they make up to $400 per client monthly. The fun part is you can manage more than one client account in a month.

Although being a good Pinterest VA pays well, you also need certain skills like Pinterest marketing strategies and good customer service; you should consider taking a course on it or take a free workshop on how to be an outstanding Pinterest VA.

Pro tips; 

  • Do detailed research to see if this job is for you.
  • Consider taking a paid course to accelerate your progress. Preferably the course “Become a Pinterest VA today”. This course has a lot of good reviews.


7. Become a Freelance writer;

If you are looking for something more introverted to do this summer, then I will suggest freelance writing. A freelance writer is someone who gets paid to write for magazines, blogs, forums, or any other platform.

If you can write great articles or blog posts then you should consider doing freelance writing. A freelance writer can earn up to $4000 monthly depending on the niche.

Pro tips; 

  • If you are interested in becoming a freelance writer, I highly recommended you read Elna Cain’s blog on how to be a freelance writer and you should also consider signing up for her free courses.
  • I would highly recommend you sign up for Jacob Jans's email list on Freedom with writing. He shares Emails with helpful gigs for content writers. His emails will be highly useful.

8. Become a Photographer;

Photography will be popular this summer because summer is a vacation period and most brands, magazines, and businesses will need summer-themed images. You can enjoy your summer vacation and at the same time take beautiful pictures and sell them for money.

I have an old blog post on the blog on how to sell your photos for money. You should consider checking that out first before reading other photography blogs.



9. Become a Virtual assistant;

Virtual assistants are people who are paid a certain amount to do menial jobs online. Like replying to emails and all other desk jobs you can think of. The virtual assistant industry has grown tremendously with a lot of popular and successful people in that niche. Abbey Ashley of the virtual savvy is my recommended to go place if you are looking to start as a virtual assistant.

Abbey shares amazing blog posts on the ins and out of how to be a virtual assistant. She also has amazing free training you can sign up for to get started on becoming an outstanding virtual assistant.


  • Consider taking a paid course from Abbey Ashley to accelerate your knowledge process. She is well known in this industry.

10.  Sell on Amazon;

A fulfilment by Amazon store is an online business, where Amazon deals with all the stress of packaging and shipping your products to your customers. Amazon FBA is one of the most profitable businesses to start this summer.

This is a really profitable business you can start this summer and earn full six figures in no time.


The above ideas all require time, energy and commitment. That is why they are perfect to do this summer. Time is what you have in abundance during summer breaks.

If you enjoyed this post, please share, comment and read our other posts. Enjoy your summer.

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  1. I love the fact that the ideas are fun and won't disturb my summer vacation. Definitely something worth trying. Thank you for sharing

    1. Hey Sandra, I am glad you found this article insightful. Goodluck making lots of money this summer.

  2. Love how specific this is! Fab article! On your list, I'm doing blogging but I'm still so far from making actual money on both my blog and my social media. Instagram has been a pain. Thank you for your tips. Hopefully, I will be able to learn that big of a cash someday.


    1. You are welcome, and yes Instagram can be quite tough to grow now but I wish you luck.

  3. awesome! the tips look so fun to do! maybe i'll try doing some if i already got the confidence to do so.

  4. This is a very detailed article. I am still looking for which idea to choose there are a lot of great suggestions here. Thanks .


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