May 07, 2021

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If you are here, you are probably looking for self-care ideas to do this summer. This summer is all about prioritizing your happiness, mental health, and goals. This summer is going to be all about you. How can you improve your life, financial goals, health goals, skin goals, and mental health goals you should set.

At the end of this summer, I want all of us coming out like boss babes. This is the best summer bucket list you would find. It includes mindful habits, fun, and relaxing activities. It basically includes habits, activities that will make you fabulous, and a boss.

You must be ready to put in the work and prioritize your happiness and yourself first. You are allowed to be selfish, practice self-love, self-care and improve your mental health.

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Here are your 31 days of self-care challenge for this summer. Goodluck!

Create the perfect morning routine

This is a new season, different temperature; you need to re-organize your morning routine. If you are not all about routines you can scroll and keep reading but I highly recommend you create a morning routine. Morning routines are lifesavers. For people who struggle with productivity having a routine is what helps them get things done. The sun is going to be bright early this summer, you might have to scale up your time a bit to get things done and start your day right. Looking for some great ideas to add to your morning routine? Check out our blog post on a healthy and productive morning routine.

Create the perfect night routine

After a sweaty day outside you would want nothing more than to come home to a cold beverage, a nice shower, and a cool temperature room, you need to create the perfect nighttime routine. You can begin your night routine by five in the evening and go to bed by eleven in the night. You can make delicious summer dinners, summer cocktails, enjoy your favorite show and relax and unwind. Create a realistic, productive, and healthy nighttime routine.

Retail therapy

Friends you need to be on your top game when it comes to outfitting this summer. There are a lot of nice, stunning trends you can hop on and look your best. Remember this summer is all about your happiness and spreading body positivity. You need to wear what makes you look good. Skip the sweats and hoodie and go for something more daring like a dress but remember it must be within what you can handle.

You can get a lot of nice and cool summer outfits by thrifting, not only are you saving money you are also helping the earth by buying pre-owned goods.

Repaint your bedroom

Summer is the perfect time to switch up your bedroom look. You can paint the bedroom a different color or switch up your wall art or prints. Giving your room a new look is highly helpful for your mental health. You would feel more relaxed, excited, and happy after it is done.

Go for a hot girl walk

This is something that recently became popular on social media. It is taking time out from your day to go on a walk by yourself. No friend should join you. It is taking a foot outside your comfort zone to help boost your confidence when alone. You should try taking a walk alone and see how that goes. Live that independent life!

Visit a farm

You should consider doing this. Visit any beautiful farm in your area. Surround yourself with nature and bask in the sunlight. Take beautiful pictures when you go there and remember the happiness you felt.

Go on a picnic

One of the best activities to do during the summer is to go on a picnic. Plan a cute picnic with your best friends. Put on a cute summer dress, have your hair made and make sure you are looking your absolute best. You can read a nice book or share a glass of wine whilst discussing fun topics with your friends.

Start a garden

I feel like everyone is getting into this green lifestyle lately and so can you. Order cute decorative little flower pots and grow a simple flower. Nurture it with love and attention and see how far you will be able to keep the flower alive. This is an amazing self-care activity I think everyone must do.

Buy yourself flowers

Use this time to buy yourself some fresh real flowers. Get a cute vase and feel it with water. Put on a nice flower arrangement for your coffee table so when you pass by you will smile. This is advantageous because shopping for flowers is the absolute best, they give your home a nice smell and it is also a way for showing love to yourself.

Get your hair and nails done

Considering the summers are usually school break and annual leave breaks, this is the perfect time to get that babbie hairstyle you have always wanted. Get a fresh new set of pedicures and manicures and even add a foot massage to the list!

Go to the beach or pool

I want to believe you have your bikini ready? This is the perfect time to flaunt that body you have put in a lot of work into. Go to the beach with friends and play your favorite games. Make sure you are actually happy and not there because you were forced to. Interact with new people and make friends!

Remember that all body type is summer body #bodypositivity

Visit an art gallery or museum

This might sound boring but trust me it isn’t. If you haven’t been to the museum in your state, this is the perfect time to do so. Learn a bit about the history and take aesthetic photos of historical works. Make sure you take a few personal shots so you can always reminisce on this day when summer is finally over.

Take a physical art or pottery class

The thoughts of painting a beautiful landscape image with a glass of red wine and fresh grapes make me drool. Because I am in no way artistic doesn’t mean I won’t visit an art studio for the fun of it. Taking a one-day pottery class is definitely something I would do this summer and you should too. Plan a one-day painting or pottery class with your friends!

Complete a short skillshare course

Spend this time learning one or two short courses on skillshare. They have a huge variety of courses on how to build self-confidence, how to stay motivated, and a simple course on journaling. Skillshare offers a paid feature that you can use for just $20 a month.

Create your summer playlist

Create a list of songs you love this summer and have them saved up.

Write out your goals for the summer months

Take your time to make a list of things you would like to achieve this summer. It can be as easy as

  • how much money you would like to make
  • How much money you plan on saving…

Pet-sit a friend’s pet or take yours out for a walk

Surrounding yourself with pets is extremely helpful for your mental health. They are happy and carefree animals. If you don’t own one you can always take your friend’s pet for a walk. Enjoy that little moment you are spending with yourself.

Try doing stretches at the park with your friends

This might seem like an embarrassing situation but it would be fun. There are high chances you and your friend will be mortified but that is what summer is all about creating memories. Being in situations like this would help you build your self-confidence. Give it a try!

Do something thrilling like riding a hot air balloon or jumping down a cliff

Get your heart racing by doing something you would naturally not do.

Host a sleepover

If you have the time to plan one, host a sleepover. Pick a summer night and host a sleepover for your friends. Plan something your group would love and also consider their preferences. You can talk about your mental health struggles and how you actually feel. Make it personal and share your feelings.

Donate your old clothes to an orphanage

If you have lots of clothes you no longer wear you can either sell them for money or actually give them out. One of the major self-care ideas people encourage is doing something nice for someone.

Bake a cake

Bake a simple cake. Check Pinterest for aesthetic-looking summer cakes to bake.

Repost your favorite quote or post from our Instagram page

Look through our blog’s Instagram page and find your favorite post. Give us a tag when you do so. We share helpful infographics and quotes on self-care, mental health, personal development, and personal finance. Follow us here.

Learn a TikTok dance

Choose a simple TikTok dance and learn just for the fun of it.

Read a self-help book

You can spend a whole summer without reading a book to help you grow. There are tons of great self-help books like atomic habits which will help you become a better person. Select one or two of the popular ones and read.

Go on a road trip with one of your friends

Pick a place that is farther than where you reside and drive down there with your friends.

Plan an inexpensive trip

We are finally allowed to travel from country to country, hooray!

Plan an inexpensive trip. Travel to somewhere you have always wanted to go to.

Find a summer job

During this break period you should look for means to make extra income. Check out this post on ten flexible summer jobs that pay up to $5000 every month.

Start journaling

If you have been experiencing the anxiety of late then you should try your hand at journaling. Write down how your day went, the emotions you are feeling, and your expectation for the day. Check out this post on journal prompts for self-discovery.

Take a meditation class

There are a lot of great meditation classes online on how you can focus your inner energy to release stress. If this something you would love to do then checks YouTube.

Take a pilates class

Pilates classes became extremely popular during the lockdown. It is all about building strength. If you are interested check Instagram or search for free videos on YouTube.


There you have 31 self-care activities you can do this summer. Remember you can always add your own favorite things to do to the list. I wish you a successful and fun summer. Please share this post, comment on your favorite activity in the list, and pin to Pinterest.

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  1. I love this list.

  2. My favorite is hosting a sleepover. I have never hosted before and would love to.

  3. Yass! everybody type is summer body. Lovely post.

  4. I would try my best to at least do half the things on the list. I love bucket lists

  5. Great ideas! I'm so ready for the summer! Although it's kind of here already, but June is still always better than May.


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