May 26, 2021

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If you are human like me,  you have some toxic habits you need to quit immediately.  Most times we practice some of these habits that are harmful to our mental health and physical health. 

We must understand that these habits will take some time for you to break so you must be patient and trust the process, that at the end you will become the best version of yourself.

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Here are common toxic habits we need to quit immediately;

Showing up late

Showing up late for meetings and occasions is not 'okay'. If you think showing up late is cool it isn't. You are being plain rude and disrespectful to the host or the person you are supposed to meet. 

You can avoid this by getting to the venue at least ten minutes before the meeting time. This means if it takes you an hour to get ready you must start thirty minutes ahead.

Checking your phone first thing in the morning

I am going, to be honest. The first thing I do is check my phone every morning. I am trying hard to stop this. I am being honest.

Checking your phone first thing in the morning is a toxic habit you need to quit immediately. You can start by getting an actual alarm clock so you don't have to touch your phone when putting off your alarm.

Comparing yourself

As human beings, we tend to compare ourselves and situations with people around us. Comparing yourself is a toxic habit you need to quit. You are your person, two people can't be the same. Don't compare yourself to anyone around. 

Not drinking water

I find it extremely difficult to drink eight glasses of water a day. I tried doing it for a week, but I failed miserably. 

Not drinking water is a toxic habit we all need to quit. 

The solution you can start with is to order the huge amazon water bottle which has the time of the day and words of encouragement. 

Drinking water regularly is good for your health as it keeps you hydrated and also good for your skin. During the summer month, you need to drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Let's try to drink more water. I included.

Toxic friends 

If you are associating yourself with toxic people you should cut them off. You being friends with them is a toxic habit you need to quit. 

Some people are toxic and not good for your mental health. They play with your feelings and make you feel like sh*t. 

You should be careful with who you call friends. Friends who don't support you emotionally, mentally, and physically don't deserve you.

If you have a huge problem saying no to people read this blog post. It helped me tremendously. 

Not getting enough sleep 

Not sleeping eight hours a day is a toxic habit you need to quit. As humans, you need rest to function properly. When you don't get a full night's sleep it affects your mental health. At this point, we need to start prioritizing our mental health.

Reduce the amount of coffee and energy drinks you take in to sustain yourself. Try planning your day to be more productive so you will have more than enough time to rest properly.

Not letting go of the past

I have learned we should learn to let go of the past of life for the present. If you keep holding on to the past it will affect your present.  

Holding on to the past is a toxic habit you don't want to have. Let go today.


It is okay to take a time off and do nothing once in a while but when you procrastinate on every task just to lazy around is a toxic habit. 

Procrastination is extremely toxic because you won't be able to meet work deadlines or get things done. You can beat Procrastination by getting rid of distractions and by motivating yourself to get tasks done. If you need more help you can read this post on how to be more productive.


Overspending is a toxic habit because we end up spending more than we need to.  This toxic habit leaves us with debt which we will need to pay later on. 

Learning impulse buying control is extremely important. Make sure you get only things you need and when buying outfits and accessories consider getting staple pieces instead of trendy pieces. 

You need to overcome this toxic habit to be able to have control over your finances.

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Negative self talk

Putting yourself down constantly is not okay. It is normal to have reality checks but putting yourself down and belittling your achievement and success is bad for your mental health. I sometimes have breakdowns like this and call myself all sorts of diminishing names. But through the years I have learned to say positive affirmations to boost my self-confidence. Negative self-talk is a toxic habit we all need to stop.

Here are a five affirmations to help you in breaking this toxic habit journey;

1. I can do this.

2. I am now free from this habit...

3. I am happy that I no longer.....

4. I am so grateful for my progress.

Good luck quitting these toxic habits I will also be improving myself. Remember that not all persons are the same. It might take me a week to quit some while you a month, be positive. 

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  1. Honestly this is so true. I have such a hard time forcing myself to do these, especially checking the phone in the morning. Over time Im glad ive cut out the toxic friends out of my life though. The rest, always a work in progress. Great article btw.


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